I'm currently looking for my next big career move! Thanks for your interest employers! Please read a little about me here.

My Recent Projects

Take a look at my most recent projects & get a glimpse of what I can do for you.

David Gish

"Wicked Dandy" 5 Song Ep

Matt Snook Music

Custom Website


Whether you arer working on your next album or needing a website. I can help you.

My passion is to create beautiful music with talented and unique artists. Each project inspires me to push myself to do my very best.

The same is true with the websites I design... fresh from scratch websites with class and direction.

Audio Production

Needing an album cut? I can help you with that! Whether it's a single track or a full album. I confidently can track, mix and produce your next album. Having access to world class gear, studios and musicians coupled with my drive and determination guarantees your next recording's quality.

Reinforcing my determination is my eductation background. I am currently going for my master's degree in Audio Production at Middle Tennesee State University, studiying through the university's world famous "Recording Industry Program."

Web Design

I love being creative and I'm also very "techy". (so developing websites is a way I like to express myself.) Developing web pages is something I really enjoy doing and I strive to do my very best on each and every website I design or develop.

I use only the most up-to-date web technology, utilizing PHP scripting, SQL Databases, Jquery, Responsive CSS and HTML programming techniques. Sure that may sound like tech jargon... that's because it is! I understand my clients want a smart and unique website that will set them apart in the void that is becoming business and personal websites. I can develop/design a website that will be unique and will proudly represent you or your business.

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